August 9, 2020


Rummy is a worldwide popular online card game. This led to the emergence of many different Rummy Variants. Rummy players differ in their choices regarding this.

While playing Rummy, you might at times, feel overwhelmed by the speed of a certain RummyVariantor may be bored in the long slow-paced game of another. This is because there are different kinds of Rummy Variants. Every player has his/ her favourite one.

Knowing the right Rummy Variantwhich suits your personality type is essential. Especially if you want to win the game, it is crucial to know which one is best suited for you. This will enable you to play the game in a better way and enjoy it thoroughly.

So, let’s discuss different Rummy Variants and let you decide which one suits you the most. For this, going by your personality type and preferences is a better option. This gives you an idea about your unique choices of Rummy Variants.

By this, you will be able to enjoy it more.

  1. Impatient, fast decision making capability and a terrible competitor.

Points Rummy: Point Rummy is one of the fastest Rummy Variants. It just involves a few rounds which is not that time taking. If you like to be at your toes and experience the thrill while playing a game, Points Rummy is the perfect pick for you.

For playing Points Rummy, you need to be highly focused, have quick decision-making ability and handle exciting or pressurizing situations.

  1. Patient, like to play a long quality game, logical reasoning capacity.

Deal Rummy: If you are engaged in Rummy to spend your long weekend engagingly, this is for you. It involves your patience, skills, reasoning capacity, etc. This is particularly good for those who want a long and satisfying play from quick rounds.

  1. Simplistic, prefer games that are easily comprehensible and on the traditional side of the table.

Indian Rummy: Indian Rummy is one of the easiest forms of Rummy. If you don’t want to get into much complicated and want to enjoy a game which is simple, entertaining and connected to the traditional Rummy ways, this RummyVariantis made for you.

  1. Loves traditional things with some twists, prefers engaging things

Pool Rummy: Do you look for something unusual, new and with a little twist? If yes, then Pool Rummy is your kind of variant. It is one of those Rummy Variantswhich were played in family gatherings and friends clubs.


So, with the above guide, you can easily find your preferred Indian Rummy Variant. Although all the forms of Rummy game are quite engaging and interesting, it is, even more, enjoying to play that particular kind or kinds of RummyVariants which suits your unique interests and preferences.

Playing your favourite Rummy Variant increases your chances of winning. This is because your interest in something greatly influences your playing capacity, skills, focus, concentration and overall performance.


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